Sniper PM2.5 Masks Did You Buy: See Protection Level

Select protection masks, depending on whether the appropriate level of protection, so as to really achieve the protective effect was the second formal brand, quality-assured; also note that three formal channels to purchase protection, avoid buying fakes. Packing a very prominent position (front) must explain clearly the level of security. The back will have standard, grade and other specifications.

In order to enhance the comfort of wearing masks, products also increase the breathing valve to reduce breathing resistance, product prices are also slightly higher than the average product. Because of the filtering level higher breathing resistance is greater, even if there is respiratory valves, and breath work, breathe in the breather valve is closed. So when the fog is too serious, N90/KN90 masks.

As regards the other people choose to wear gas masks, wangkang said that gas masks to block the respiratory toxicity of sarin, cyanogen chloride (CK), chloropicrin (PS); for protection against biological agents, and also play a role. Some gas masks will add some removal of particulate filters, but prefer to protection against harmful gases in gas mask, and less comfort.