So The Ability To Ensure That The N95 Class Mask Has A High Protective Effect

so the ability to ensure that the N95 Class Mask has a high protective effect
Having a better filter power is the basis for ensuring that the N95 mask has a protective effect. N95 Class Mask and face adhesion is not good, there will be gaps, and the gap of the air resistance is much smaller than the filter, according to fluid mechanics we can see, because the air flow will be preferred from the flow of small resistance through the place, so regardless of mask filter effect How good, N95 Class Mask of the protective effect will not be high. Therefore, the dust N95 Class Mask adhesion is to ensure that N95 Class Mask with an important protective effect of the mask. The N95 grade mask is generally used with a total leakage rate [6] indicating that, under laboratory rule check conditions, the subject is inhaled from all masks containing the filter element to the masks into the mask And the proportion of the concentration of mimetic inhalation in the air, the lower the total leakage rate, the higher the adhesion. So the N95 Class Mask the better, on the request N95 Class Mask ventilation function is better, so the ability to protect the air through the mask to meet people's breathing needs. On the contrary, the closer the adhesion, the breathability of the N95 mask is not necessary to request. And breathable function of the N95 Class Mask, in a certain extent on the request N95 Class Mask with good adhesion, so the ability to ensure that the N95 Class Mask has a high protective effect.
N95 Class Mask the most important quality is the protective effect of harmful substances, the quality of the main performance of the harmful substances in the filter power, and the degree of close contact with the face and wear comfort. From the N95 Class Mask permeability and filter power and adhesion of the interrelated to be able to infer that its permeability will affect the protective performance of the mask to a certain extent, that affect its quality. Masks wearing comfort mainly for the respiratory resistance is small, the weight should be light, do not stimulate the skin, wear and so on, depending on the permeability of the fabric material or N95 mask ventilation function. If the ventilation function is better when the N95 level mask comfort is high, and the filter power and adhesion will also require a higher quality to protect its quality. On the contrary, when the ventilation function is poor, in order to ensure the protective effect of the N95 mask, the comfort will be reduced, that is, poor quality. Thus, the breathability of the N95 mask directly affects the comfort of the N95 mask, indirectly affecting the filter power and adhesion, and then affect the quality of the N95 mask.
The breathable function is the characteristic of the N95 mask, which depends primarily on the construction and combination of fabric data. At the same time breathable performance and affect the comfort of the mask, filter power and adhesion, thereby affecting the quality of N95 mask. Therefore, the establishment of more for the N95 Class Mask breathable performance testing standards, is conducive to improving the standard system of China N95 mask to protect the order of China N95 masks shopping malls, and thus ensure the health of China N95 mask users.
In the purchase of N95 Class Mask, Chen Haida proposed: 1. Children's heart and lung function is still in development, buy N95 Class Mask should pay attention to view the value of respiratory impedance, select the low value, to prevent children due to poor breathing and lead to blood oxygen concentration Lack of risk. In general, the ordinary meltblown non-woven N95-class mask with a respiratory impedance of up to 120 ~ 250 Pa; new nano-film N95 mask respiration impedance of only 60 to 70 Pa, compared to better ventilation.
2.N95 Class Mask design should be reasonable, in line with the child's face space structure, so that N95 Class Mask with children enough to fit the face, to achieve better protection.
3. Children lively, N95 mask should not have plastic or metal nose pressure, so as not to cause harm.