Super 90% Cold Masks Poor Dust-proof Effect

Quality control experts, the representative mask filtering efficiency filtration capacity of granular and pathogens.

At present, there are no unified civilian thermal mask performance standards, implementation of standards of medical protective mask, dust masks for industrial standard, carries out the enterprise standard, there's no standard, causing cold masks uneven quality.

Quality experts reminded the public that the environment should be used according to the actual filtration efficiency of different grades of mask.

Clean or slightly polluted environments, filtration efficiency of about 50%, and in a heavily polluted environment you need to select the filtering efficiency is more than 90% of the mask.

Reusable masks should pay attention to hygiene, prevent the growth of bacteria, mask off the stick in future, daily cleaning and disinfecting.

Replaceable filter should be timely replacement of filter masks, filters in use for some time, due to the accumulation of particles, breathing resistance increase, while bacteria will also rise.