The Hazards From Abrasive Blasting

The Hazards from Abrasive Blasting

At any given time, abrasive blasting can create some hazards associated with it.

Abrasive blasting is often referred to as blasting because silica sand is a common material for abrasives.

Sandblasting requires the use of compressed air to accelerate the size of the grain to provide a high velocity stream of particles for cleaning metal objects (such as steel structures) or for texturing concrete.

This process typically produces a large amount of dust from the abrasive.

If the blasting process is not completely isolated from the operator, blasting dust poses a significant health hazard.

Inhalable dust from silica sand and other abrasive materials poses a threat to the lungs.

Therefore, in the process of sand blasting, safety measures must be taken to prevent the inhalation of particulate matter. Wearing particulate respirator is very necessary.