The N95 Class Maskprotects Against The Arc Radiation

The N95 Class Maskprotects against the arc radiation

Arc radiation protection welding arc light radiation includes infrared, visible light and uv. The wavelength norm of arc welding of manual arc welding is shown in table 11. Light radiation ACTS on the body, is absorbed by the body, causes the heat effect of the tissue, photochemical action and ionization effect, can cause skin and eye damage. Therefore, the eye and skin of the welder must be protected from the radiation of the arc.

In order to protect the eyes from arc damage, the N95 Class Maskwith special protective lens must be used in welding. The protective lens has two kinds of absorption filter and reflection type protection lens. According to the intensity of the welding current, according to the strength of the welding current, N95 Class Mask according to the strength of the welding current, according to table 12. This type of N95 Class Maskcan both observe the arc through the goggles and absorb ultraviolet, infrared and strong visible light to protect the skin and eyes of the face. To protect the lenses, install an ordinary transparent sheet in its outer layer, which is in the rectangular slot of the N95 mask. The N95 Class Maskis made of dark steel cardboard and can be replaced with a thin plywood painted with black resistance paint. Recent development and production of reflective protective lenses, N95 Class Mask is in the absorption filter piece of chromium plating chromium - copper - on three layers of metal film, solitary light reflex can be harmful to go back, to avoid the filter will absorb radiation into heat energy of faults, the use of this lens eyes feel cool and comfortable, observe the effect of the arc and prevent arc damage is good, is currently in use.

Different harmful factors should be protected by different measures.

1. Damage and protection of welding arc light

(1) welding arc is harmful to human body: N95 Class Mask the arc radiation mainly includes infrared, ultraviolet and visible light. The arc radiation ACTS on the human body, causing an acute or chronic injury to the tissue in the body.

Uv rays mainly cause skin and eye injuries. N95 Class Mask The eyes are exposed to ultraviolet light and can cause electro-optic ophthalmitis, which is characterized by the pain of the eyes, the grain, the tears, the wind, the headache, the fever, etc. The skin is red, tender, black and peeling when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation has the effect of destroying and fading fabric.

The luminosity of visible light of welding arc is a million times greater than that of a person. The eyes are sore after being irradiated and can't see clearly, usually called "eye contact". It is forbidden to look directly at arc welding in the distance, especially when the arc is arc. No protection of N95 Class Mask the welding arc.

(2) the measures to prevent the arc radiation: (1) welders, should be used in accordance with the relevant provisions of the labor department issued by the labor insurance supplies, wear meets the requirements of working clothes, shoes and hats, gloves, etc., in order to prevent the arc radiation and splash burns. The welder must use an N95 Class Maskwith absorbent filter in the welding operation. The filter should be selected according to the current strength. The use of hand-held or head-mounted protection N95 masks should be light, non-flammable, non-conductive, non-conductive, and light. In order to protect the eyes of other workers in the welding site, the protection screen is usually installed at the fixed site of small welding. When welding at site, N95 Class Mask the welder should warn the surrounding people to avoid the arc to avoid the arc. When working at night, should have good lighting, otherwise the brightness of the light will change repeatedly and cause the welder's eye fatigue. When electrophotic ophthalmitis is caused, seek medical treatment in hospital. Also use milk (human or milk) eye drops, every 1-2 min drops 1 time, 4-5 times can.