The Overall Design Concept Of The Flat Fold N95 Mask

The overall design concept of the Flat Fold N95 Mask

The welding flat-folding N95 mask plays a crucial role in welding work. It protects the eyeglasses of the operator and the safety of the head. Therefore, for its design to be more rigorous, according to the welding flat-folding N95 mask manufacturer, the welding mask structure design should meet the following points to be well protected.

1, the quality of welding Flat Fold N95 Mask shall comply with the terms of GB3609.1-94, size, weight, thickness should be consistent with: head belt type mask (excluding filter and protection film) weight below 560 g, handheld weight below 500 g, mask material thickness from 1.5 mm to 1.5 mm.

2. It is convenient to lift the glasses and lift them. The rivets and other parts must be firm, without loosening and shedding. Metal parts are not in contact with human face; The observation window, filter, protective film and size should match, must have very good fixing device, cannot leak from the aperture to the radiation light.

3. Adjustable parts or structural parts should be easy to adjust and replace.

Only by doing the above design requirements, the welding flat-folding N95 mask will be more user-friendly.

In the sense organs of human survival and labor, the eyes are the organs that carry the most information. A person's visual function, not only to a healthy condition of body and keep the personal security, and to maintain a normal life and work order is important, but also can make the person produces psychological changes, such as the change of the self-confidence, mood swings, which affects the production efficiency. From the accident rate of production, the incidence rate of trauma accounted for 11-22% of the total incidence of injury, and the eye area only accounted for 1/600 of the total area of the human body. That is to say, compared to the surface area of the body, Flat Fold N95 Mask the injury rate is a thousand times higher than that of other areas. It does not include the rapid and chronic eye damage caused by various electromagnetic waves. This was partly due to people in work attitude. Always face the operation part, no matter what part of the facing potential unsafe factors, remain the state of exposed to the eyes, so it is more chance to be hurt. On the other hand, compared with other parts of the body, the eyes have the worst anti-reversibility. Even for external factors that are not damaged or slightly stimulated. Such as smaller impact, a small amount of reagents, low energy of light, heat, electromagnetic wave radiation etc., the stimulation to the eye, the eye will be damaged, even more because of biophysics, blind to the naked eye could just see the wavelength of visible light in 0.4 to 0.7 microns. Flat Fold N95 Mask But other wavelengths of electromagnetic waves, invisible to the naked eye, can be stimulated to cause the eye to enter the injury. Ultraviolet (uv) light, for example, because it's short of the retina, the existence of people can't watch it, but it can be absorbed by eye conjunctiva, crystalline, under its photochemical, ionization, heat, after the attack after a certain incubation period is electro-optic ophthalmia. Infrared is the same, but due to the slow onset, people generally not pay much attention.

From the above introduction, it can be seen that the eyes are vulnerable sites, and the reasons for their anatomy and physiological quality can be summarized as the following five points:

(1) the body of the cornea, eye conjunctiva organization compared to other parts of the skin tissue, tolerance external stimulation capacity is low, and the eye tissue is prone to allergy and sensitive.

(2) the cornea and water crystals are transparent, which can be easily penetrated by some electromagnetic waves. This is the cause of retinal damage.

(3) Flat Fold N95 Mask there is no microvascular tissue in the crystal, which can not dissipate the heat from the blood; At the same time, iridum membrane is also an organization that can absorb heat easily, because heat energy savings are more likely to cause metabolic obstacles, and promote tissue degeneration.

(4) because of the refractive effect of the eyeball and crystal, the energy is easy to concentrate the macula of the retina, resulting in damage to it.

(5) Flat Fold N95 Mask some electromagnetic waves due to the invisible to the naked eye, don't like when you meet the strong light, foreign bodies, stimulate the human eye can blink reflex, quickly to avoid reflection, pupil contraction to reduce the impact of the stimulus.

To sum up, Flat Fold N95 Mask in order to develop production and ensure the safety and health of workers, it is necessary to explore the protective equipment of the eye. As for the protection of face, it can be considered that the scope of eye protection is expanded, although there are some differences, but the general protection requirements are consistent.