The Overview Of Chlorine

The overview of Chlorine

Chlorine is a yellow-green gas that has a pungent pungent odor. Exposure to low concentrations of chlorine can cause irritation to the nose, throat and eyes. When breathing a higher concentration of chlorine, it may cause changes in respiratory rate and cough, and even damage to the lungs. Other symptoms of exposure to chlorine can be severe. Workers may be harmed by exposure to chlorine. The degree of exposure depends on the concentration of chlorine and the duration of chlorine.

Chlorine is used in many industries. It is used in the pulp and paper industry, swimming pool chemicals, cleaning products, mining products, bleaching and plastics manufacturing. Examples of work for workers who may be exposed to chlorine include:

Workers in water treatment and sewage treatment facilities

Agricultural workers cleaning livestock facilities, such as dairy farms

Worker cleaning the pool

Worker using cleaning products

Factory workers in bleaching and plastics manufacturing