The Use And Selection Of Cup Shaped N95 Mask

The use and selection of Cup Shaped N95 Mask
    Now more and more work began to cause eye damage, the need for a special cup shape N95 mask to protect our eyes, like the hospital to use the operation of the cup shape N95 mask, when welding with the welding cup shape N95 mask, UV Cup Shaped N95 Mask, etc., different occasions need different Cup Shaped N95 Mask, also known as labor insurance cup shape N95 mask. So many kinds of Cup Shaped N95 Mask, how can we choose? Tomorrow the labor insurance experts to tell you:
    1. Cup Shaped N95 Mask a lot of types, there are dust Cup Shaped N95 Mask, cup N95 mask, anti-chemical eyes and anti-radiation radiation cup N95 mask and so on. The first three cup N95 masks look like lenses are colorless glass, but in fact due to the different protective effects, the characteristics of the lens there are significant differences.
    2. Engaged in industrial production of workers, and some need to wear a Cup Shaped N95 Mask operation, wearing such a Cup Shaped N95 Mask is not to decorate, fashionable, but to protect the eyes from harmful factors.
    3. Engaged in welding, gas welding, steelmaking, blowing glass workers should wear anti-arc radiation cup shape N95 mask. However, the anti-arc radiation cup N95 mask lens color is deep and shallow, which is designed according to different requirements, the choice should be based on the strength of the arc when the operation and the appropriate choice. Arc strong, the color should be deep; the other hand, should choose light-colored lenses. If the arc strong wearing a light-colored protective mirror, part of the infrared light through the lens to stimulate and damage the eyes, long-term will suffer from occupational cataract; the other arc weak and long-term wear dark security cup shape N95 mask, will make a significant decline in vision The
    4. Dust cup N95 mask in the dust more use of the environment, the general requirements of the lens fastness is not high, regardless of goggles or flat mirror, are made of ordinary flat glass lens production.
    5. Cup Shaped N95 Mask is used to prevent flying out of small particles puncture eyes, the lens requirements impact resistance, such as turning workers, scrubers, playing mason should wear a Cup Shaped N95 Mask, if these workers wear a general dust Cup Shaped N95 Mask, then the iron sand and gravel hit the cup shape N95 mask was crushed, the eyes will be more damage.
    6. Anti-chemical Cup Shaped N95 Mask lens acid and alkali, and corrosion, which is other Cup Shaped N95 Mask does not have.
    Therefore, every need to wear a cup N95 mask workers, should be aware of their operating environment of the harmful factors, wearing a suitable security cup shape N95 mask, not a mess.
As the saying goes, the eye is the window of the mind, because it can reveal the deepest heart of the news. At the same time Cup Shaped N95 Mask is an indispensable in our daily life an organ, loss of eyes, our world will become a dark, no exaggeration to say that we are equivalent to lose everything, at the same time, the eyes are the most Fragile an organ. As the last line of defense of the eyes of the Cup Shaped N95 Mask, the right choice is particularly important.
    Choose Cup Shaped N95 Mask, be sure to meet their own requirements, rather than buy the best of the most expensive, or will not achieve the role of protection.
    1. Because the use of Cup Shaped N95 Mask is not the same, roughly divided into anti-foreign body impact cup shape N95 mask, anti-chemical liquid splash cup N95 mask, anti-dust and a variety of harmful gas cup N95 mask, anti-arc radiation cup N95 Mask, put the laser cup shape N95 mask and anti-X-ray cup shape N95 masks, therefore, the purchase staff to choose according to the nature of their work, but also professional staff to give guidance, cup shape N95 mask to try out the appropriate size.
    2. When wearing a Cup Shaped N95 Mask, be sure to press the factory instructions marked to wear, in addition, cup shape N95 face film color should not be monochrome.
    3. Cup N95 mask to avoid friction with the sharp and sharp material, the lens should be promptly cleaned and maintained, use a soft cloth to avoid contact with corrosive substances, a lens blurred.
    4. Choose products that meet the relevant standards (European standard CE-EN166 / or American Standard ANSI / GB3609).