The Use Of Flat Fold N95 Mask

The use of Flat Fold N95 Mask
1. Failure to follow the instructions in this application, or beyond the use of constraints, or in the touch N95 flat N95 surface pests in the process of not wearing, will reduce the protection of the goods, and can cause disease and death.
2. Prior to the use of this product for Occupational Respiratory Protection, it should abide by OSHA29CFR1910.134 or locally applicable activated carbon Flat Fold N95 Mask regulations and specifications, develop and perform a written respiratory maintenance program, including training and suitability The request.
3. Damage to human health Particles contain what can not be seen and odorless substances.
4. If you feel dizziness, nausea and any other discomfort, you should immediately leave the risk area and seek the assistance of the supervisor.
5. When not in use, should be kept in a non-polluting environment Flat Fold N95 Mask.
6. In each application before the filter mask should be checked to admit that there is no holes in the respiratory zone and other damage, if the filter material tear or wear the scene should be considered damaged. Should immediately replace the damaged protective Flat Fold N95 Mask.
7. Diluted N95 masks used in accordance with applicable regulations and regulations.
Diping N95 mask may be able to prevent part of the radioactive particles into the medical flat N95 face within the formation of internal radiation, radiation Flat Fold N95 Mask comfortable and breathable anti-radiation far flat off N95 mask from the pollution protection of their own use of medical Flat Fold N95 Mask design, Simple and practical, suitable for any place to wear. Stretch lanyard design, easy to wear.
In fact, pregnant women do not have to worry too much pregnancy, long pm2.5 Flat Fold N95 Mask face the computer, radiation, you can buy some buy radiation maternity dress, but the radiation Flat Fold N95 Mask is dispensable.
Teach you a few small ways to prevent radiation
1. You can put some radiation protection plants at the computer desk. Such as cactus, stone lotus.
2. Before the Internet can be wiped in the face of some Cream, reduce the radiation.
3. But drink some chrysanthemum tea. green tea. These can also be radiation.

Now the earthquake in Japan, and many people are very scared of radiation. To buy anti-radiation clothing, radiation Flat Fold N95 Mask to prevent radiation. In fact, these are unnecessary.