Use And Classification Of The N95 Class Mask

Use and classification of the N95 Class Mask

The N95 Class Mask is used to mask the face and protect the face and neck from flying metal detritus, harmful gas spatter, molten metal and high temperature solvents. The N95 Class Masks are divided into anti-attack N95 Class Masks, radiation-proof planes, anti-chemical liquid spatter N95 Class Masks, smoke and gas masks, and thermal insulation N95 Class Masks.

The anti-attack N95 Class Mask is used for car, milling, planing, grinding and drilling. The face ear is made of transparent plexiglass, plastic or metal mesh, which can prevent metal debris, sandstone and other high speed dust particles against the face.

The radiation N95 Class Mask is suitable for all kinds of welding operations. The N95 Class Mask is made of thick steel board, which is tough and light, with good insulation and good heat resistance. The N95 Class Mask has an observation hole in the mask, and the mask is inserted into the mask. In order to facilitate the operation, the N95 level has two kinds of head-wear and hand-held type, and there are two types of observation holes.

The anti-chemical splash N95 Class Mask is mainly used to prevent acid and other fluids from damaging the face, most of which are made from organic glass.

The smoke gas surface forces applied to gas smaller assignments, such as asphalt smoke prevention grade N95 Class Mask, made of artificial leather helmet shield, with organic glass observation hole and can replace the filter material of filtering mouth up, can prevent the ten touches pitch dust produced by facial dermatitis and sore throat.

Heat shield is suitable for fire, metallurgy, glass, ceramics and heat treatment. The insulation cover is made of aluminum foil insulation cloth and glass helmet, which is good for the reflection of radiant heat, soft and resistant to aging.

The N95 Class Mask, which is usually used in the N95 Class Mask, has about (1) iron gauze, (2) made from organic glass or covered with asbestos paper, (3) coated with aluminum foil, etc. The results of the performance and effect of all kinds of N95 Class Masks are as follows:

(1) iron gauze N95 Class Mask. The effect is to get some heat out of the air and heat up in the air. One and two layers. The single-layer wire N95 Class Mask has the lightest weight and is the least expensive, but the insulation effect can only be reduced from 2.7 to 2 / cm, and the skin temperature is still high after wearing. The thermal insulation effect of double layer is better, and the local radiant heat intensity can be reduced from 2.8 to 0.4cm/cm. The roving N95 Class Mask is best used for nickel or chromium plating, or for the use of a pin, to enhance reflection and prevent heat and to prevent rust and prevent the view.

(2) organic glass system or N95 Class Mask of asbestos cloth coated paper. Organic glass itself is almost a blackbody radiation coefficient of 0.93 or so, therefore, when encounter heat radiation, the inner surface temperature rise rapidly, when the card in 2.45-2.45 / cm / 2 points when the radiation intensity measurement, inside surface temperature can be as high as 77.3 ℃, hood after radiation intensity of 0.7 CARDS/cm 2 / points, workers' subjective to reflect sleep too hot. The N95 Class Mask, made of asbestos wrapping paper, is also large due to asbestos radiation coefficient. However, due to the low heat transfer performance of asbestos, the effect is better than that of the organic glass.

(3) asbestos papier-N95 Class Mask coated with aluminum foil. Because the radiation coefficient is low, it is 0.05, the effect is better, the heat intensity of the radiant heat is 0.05, and the inner surface temperature is close to the air temperature. And because of the inner surface of asbestos cloth, not like pure aluminum, the face contact will be cauterious, worthy of promotion application, its only drawback is the vision is small. The adhesives between the aluminum foil and the asbestos cloth do not need to use the acrylic resin, the water glass can be, because the N95 Class Mask and the protective suit are different, do not need to knead the reason. In order to enable the N95 Class Mask to exert its excellent thermal protection radiation, it is necessary to keep the aluminum foil surface bright and clean, in case the contamination increases and the radiation coefficient fails.