What Can We Do To Reduce TOP 5 Workplace Injury Causes?

What can we do to reduce the workplace injury?

Proper housekeeping is one way to reduce injuries from falls. Keeping your work area clean and clutter-free is very important in preventing these kinds of injuries. Also, using anti-slip coatings on floors or wearing anti-slip footwear might help reduce falls.

Some important ways to reduce bodily reaction injuries include eliminating environmental factors that can cause these injuries. Be aware of hazards that can cause injuries, such as improper placement of tools or clutter around your workstation. Also, maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper physical conditioning and prevent situations that carry prolonged awkward posture.

In preventing falls to lower levels, always make sure ladders are in proper working order and scaffolding has been built and repaired correctly. It’s important to make sure that these tools are inspected and maintained regularly. Also, remember to where proper fall protection where applicable. 

A few of the simpler ways to reduce injuries caused by “struck-by objects” include: wear hardhats to avoid falling objects; stack materials properly to prevent sliding, falling or collapse; and always wear proper PPE. This includes safety glasses, goggles and face shields to name a few. Don’t work under cranes, hoists or heavy machinery while it’s being operated. To avoid struck-by incidents with vehicles, workers should wear seat belts, check vehicles thoroughly and wear highly visible clothing. 

These are just a few examples of what can be done to reduce these top five injuries in your workplace. With proper training and awareness, these numbers will hopefullly decline and fewer people will be injured on the job.