What Do Welding Workers Wear Cone Shaped CE Mask Mainly To Prevent

What do welding workers wear Cone Shaped CE Mask mainly to prevent

It is mainly to prevent the spark from electric welding to burn the skin of the face, while reducing the stimulation of the bright light to the eyes. Electric arc spectrum analysis showed that its intensity of ultraviolet ray is very big, and the radiation to the person's skin, especially in the eyes, have the very big damage, for the eye, can burn, cause blindness. At the same time also must wear protective clothing, because it also is very strong penetrating power and heating, can the skin burns through the general clothes, therefore, not only should wear Cone Shaped CE Mask, also should wear protective clothing.

But now the conical CE surface has its drawbacks! When you're not welding, you can't see anything through the Cone Shaped CE Mask. If you want to weld, you must take a Cone Shaped CE Mask and look for a good position. This will also damage your eyes. Now the automatic tapering of the Cone Shaped CE Mask solves this problem.

The Cone Shaped CE Mask protects the arc radiation

Arc radiation protection welding arc light radiation includes infrared, visible light and uv. Light radiation ACTS on the body, is absorbed by the body tissue, causes the heat effect of the tissue, photochemical action and ionization effect, can cause skin and eye damage. Therefore, the welder's eyes and skin must be protected from the radiation of the arc.

In order to protect the eyes from the damage of the electricity, the Cone Shaped CE Mask with special protective lens must be used in welding. The protective lens has absorbent filter and reflector lens, and the filter is based on the intensity of the welding current, according to the strength of the welding current, according to table 12. This Cone Shaped CE Mask can be used to observe the arc through the freckle. It can also absorb ultraviolet, infrared and strong visible light, which can protect the skin and eyes of the face. To protect the lens, install an ordinary transparent glass in its outer layer, which is encased in a rectangular slot in a Cone Shaped CE Mask. The Cone Shaped CE Mask is made of dark steel cardboard and can be replaced with a thin plywood painted with black resistance paint. The recent development and production of protective sharp reflex, is in the absorption filter piece of chromium plating chromium - copper - on three layers of metal film, solitary light reflex can be harmful to go back, to avoid the filter will absorb radiation into heat energy of faults, the use of this lens eyes feel cool and comfortable, observe the effect of the arc and prevent arc damage is good, is currently in use.

In order to prevent the burn of the skin, the welder must wear the work clothes, the gloves and the cover. Overalls are made of smooth surface and large reflecting coefficient. It is not allowed to roll up the cuffs, wear short sleeves and open the collar, etc. Uniform trousers to foot long rheum, lest squat down, bend bare feet, arc burned. In particular, argon - arc welding and plasma arc welding are more powerful than the arc radiation of manual arc welding.

The Cone Shaped CE Mask is used to mask the face and protect the face and neck from incoming metal detritus, harmful gas sprays, molten gold and high temperature solvents. Cone Shaped CE Mask into the blow conical CE according to the use, anti-radiation Cone Shaped CE Mask, anti chemical liquid spray cone CE, prevent smoke gas cone CE insulating Cone Shaped CE Mask and mask.

It is used for driving, milling, planing, grinding and drilling. The Cone Shaped CE Mask is made of transparent plexiglass, plastic or gold spreadnet, which can protect against the face of high speed dust particles such as metal chips and sandstone.

The Cone Shaped CE Mask is now applicable to all welding operations. The Cone Shaped CE Mask is pressed with thick steel board, which is tough and light weight, good insulation and good heat resistance. The Cone Shaped CE Mask is open with a view hole and embedded with a visor. In order to facilitate the operation, the tapered CE has two kinds of headwear and handholding, and there are two kinds of fixed and flip.

The chemical splash Cone Shaped CE Mask is mainly used to prevent acid from reducing and other fluids to damage the face, mostly made of organic glass.

Prevent smoke gas Cone Shaped CE Mask is suitable for the gas smaller operations, such as asphalt smoke prevention Cone Shaped CE Mask, made of artificial leather helmet shield, with organic glass observation hole and can replace the filter material filter mask, can prevent from exposure to pitch dust produced facial dermatitis and sore throat.

The insulation cover applies to the work of fire, metallurgy, glass, ceramics and heat treatment. The insulation cover is made of aluminum foil insulation cloth and glass helmet, which is good for the reflection of radiant heat, soft and resistant to aging.