What Should You Pay Attention To Using A Cup Shaped N95 Mask?

What should you pay attention to using a Cup Shaped N95 Mask?

To select the Cup Shaped N95 Mask suitable for your head, check whether the welding glass is in good condition, whether the inlaying is strong, whether there are cracks and gaps, and whether the handle and lock strap are firm. The welding glass and welding points should be kept at a certain distance to prevent the bead from burning glass. When working at high altitude, you should wear your face in prison to prevent the side from falling or hitting the N95 mask.

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I. product quality:

1. Integrity is the foundation of enterprise survival. , dragon company is extremely strict with the quality of the products, all products before shipment will be after purchase, QC, warehouse personnel of three quality inspection, to ensure that products are qualified products delivery to your hands, please according to the instruction for use at ease to use. If there is any problem in the transportation, please provide the photographic evidence to inform us.

2, about the out of stock: although we are a manufacturer, but a variety of specifications of the products may not have the spot, if you purchase quantity is big, please inform us 15 days in advance, we will ensure that your needs.

3. About the replacement: please contact our sales customer service for confirmation, and we will refuse to return the goods without customer service. Sales customer service reception related to the replacement matter, in line with the replacement of the situation. After receiving the request for replacement, the warehouse will be searched according to the express order, such as the person who fills in the unaccounted for. Please carefully check the quantity and fill out the replacement documents carefully.

Please note the following points when receiving the goods:

1, express and logistics distribution in unpacking, inspection before they sign for it, such as the case of damage, please don't sign, the sign is an admission that the goods in good condition), and confirm the goods are the products you buy, examine and verify all accessories in the packaging.

2. Please contact us if there is any obvious breakage or any other abnormality.

If you have any question or dissatisfaction with the goods received, please contact us immediately and we will try our best to give you a satisfactory reply.

4. After receiving the product, please ask the buyer to confirm the authenticity and product quality of the product according to the instructions of the instructions, and then confirm the receipt after the product is ok.

The quality of the Cup Shaped N95 Masks shall conform to the provisions of gb36091-94.

1. The Cup Shaped N95 Mask size should comply with the relevant regulations.

2. Weight and thickness: the Cup Shaped N95 Mask (free of filter and protective film) is below 560g, and the handheld is below 500g.

The optical performance and strength of the filter and protective film are the same as welding goggles.

4. Structural requirements: observe the window, filter, protective film and size to match, and have a good fixing device, which can not leak from the gap into the radiation. The rivets and other parts must be firm, without loosening and shedding. Metal parts do not touch human face. Cup Shaped N95 Mask It is convenient to lift the glasses before hanging them.

5. The Cup Shaped N95 Mask material must be made of non-conductive materials. Fire resistant performance of test, the combustion rate should be less than 760 mm/min, metal parts by 10% salt solution soak for 15 minutes, not to wipe the surface of the liquid at room temperature dry 24 hours, and then wash with warm water. The observed surface should be free of change.