Why Do Employees Need Respirators?

Why do employees need respirators? When employees must work in environments with insufficient oxygen or where harmful dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, fumes, gases, vapors, or sprays are present, they need  respirators.  These  health  hazards  may  cause  cancer, lung impairment, other diseases, or death. Where toxic substances are present in the workplace and engineering controls are inadequate to reduce or eliminate  them,  respirators  are  necessary.  Some  atmosphere- supplying respirators can also be used to protect against oxygen-deficient  atmospheres.  Increased  breathing  rates, accelerated  heartbeat,  and  impaired  thinking  or  coordination occur more quickly in an oxygen-deficient or other hazardous atmosphere. Even a momentary loss of coordination can be devastating if it occurs while a worker is performing a potentially dangerous activity such as climbing a ladder.