Winter Wear A Mask There Is Too Thick Or Too Thin Is Bad

Winter is the high season for influenza and other viral respiratory disease. With smog worsening in order to truncate the infected droplets and prevent contact, wear a mask becomes the easiest way to keep your health.

Wear a mask is set for respiratory "filtering barrier", so airborne bacteria, viruses, dust and harmful particles enter the body easily. But what about how to properly wear a mask? should note the following points:

Is a different mask effect is different, cotton, non-woven, gauze, surgical masks can stop the dust on the road, but limited effect on the haze, anti fog mask should consult with relevant medical personnel before purchase.

Second, masks should be changed frequently, washing, drying or sterilization to prevent adsorption on the masks of bacteria and harmful particles are inhaled.

Third, not too thick or too thin face masks, long wear thick mask easily makes the nasal mucosa is too fragile, but cause other diseases, thin face masks to filter the air in the bacteria, dirt capacity will be reduced.

Four is the most masks worn by fitting closely on both cheeks, then pulled under the mask edge, making it with the jaw joint, surgical masks after wearing pressed metal.